Scaffolding Poles and Tubes

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Scaffolding Poles and Tubes

Steeledge UK Ltd is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of scaffolding tubes in the Uk. Our range of lightweight, vigorous scaffolding tubes is great for use in the development of a no problem at all framework construction to help the heaviness of various laborers and their gear while additionally being exceptionally impervious to the impacts of rusting and enduring.

Accessible in a scope of pre-cut lengths going from 6ft up to 21ft, these scaffolding tubes give an incredible degree of adaptability while making a platform design to meet the limitations and necessities of the current task. Each of the tubes has a total diameter of 48.3mm and a thickness of galvanized steel of 3.2mm.

Every one of these top-notch scaffold tubes has been built from galvanized steel. The zinc covering on this steel gives a defensive layer that assists with safeguarding the steel against the impacts of enduring and rust. It likewise implies that the metal will save its silver completion any more than a platform tube built from ungalvanized steel would.

Every one of these tubes is viable with our scope of fixing clips and couplers. These will be expected to make a no problem at all construction. We supply a scope of couplers and clips which are appropriate for various applications relying upon your necessities.

We likewise supply a determination of substantial framework sheets to give a durable stage to your platform structure. These are additionally accessible in a scope of lengths to meet your necessities.

To safeguard the two laborers and general society, we additionally supply a scope of wellbeing and security embellishments, for example, debris netting and signs which can be utilized with the platform to establish a protected workspace.

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