16ft Scaffolding Tube

16ft Scaffolding Tube

Pre cut to a 16ft length, these strong and lightweight tubes are vital when building a scaffolding structure. Each of the tubes has been made from galvanised steel with a thickness of 3.2mm, giving each tube a total diameter of 48.3mm.

Each of the tubes has a high level of weather resistance thanks to the pre galvanised steel used in the construction. The zinc coating that pre galvanised steel creates a protective layer which protects the metal from the effects of rusting and weathering. This coating also allows the steel to keep its silver finish much longer than steel which has not been galvanised.

To make transportation and installation of these tubes as easy as possible, the weight has been kept to a minimum without compromising on the strength or rigidity.

Each of the scaffolding tubes has been designed so that it can be used with our range of clips, board and fixings allowing for the construction of a strong and stable scaffolding structure which will be able to support both workers and any equipment needed to complete the job. We also supply a range of health and safety accessories which can also be used with the scaffolding systems to create a safe working environment for both workers and the public.

These high quality pre galvanised steel scaffolding tubes are available in a range of pre cut sizes ranging from 5ft up to 21ft. This gives you the flexibility to create a scaffolding system to suit the application or the location in which it is required.

Diameter 48.3mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Length 16ft
Weight 17.28Kg

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