21ft Scaffolding Tube

21ft Scaffolding Tube

Available in a pre cut 21ft length and constructed from pre galvanised steel, these scaffold tubes are ideal for use in the construction of scaffolding structures. Each tube is incredibly strong and resilient, whilst maintaining a low overall weight. Each tube has a total circumference of 48.3mm with a steel thickness of 3.2mm.

Each of the scaffolding tubes has been constructed from pre-galvanised steel. The zinc coating on this steel forms a protective layer which helps to protect the steel against weathering and rusting, also allowing the metal to keep the silver finish for much longer than untreated steel would.

To make transportation and installing of these tubes as easy as possible, each tube has been designed to be lightweight, whilst not compromising on the overall strength.

This range of 21ft tubes are compatible with our ranges of scaffolding boards and fixings, allowing for the construction of a strong, safe scaffolding structure which will be able to support multiple workers and their equipment. We also have a range of health and safety products that can also be used with these scaffolding tubes and accessories to help protect not just the workers on the scaffolding, but also the general public who may be passing by.

As well as the 21ft length, we also supply the scaffolding tubes in a selection of other lengths, down to 5ft. This range of lengths gives a greater level of versatility when constructing scaffolding and allows you to create structures to suit the job or the location.

Diameter 48.3mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Length 21ft
Weight 22.68Kg

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