5ft Scaffolding Tube

5ft Scaffolding Tube

Lightweight, incredibly strong, and reliable, these pre-cut 5ft scaffolding tubes are vital components when erecting a safe and secure scaffolding system.

Each tube has been constructed from galvanized steel. This zinc coating provides a protective layer that helps to protect the steel against the effects of weathering and rust.

The strong and lightweight construction of these scaffolding tubes allows for easy construction of a scaffolding system, allowing tubes to be easily moved and installed, especially at elevated levels required of larger scaffolding systems for building projects.

The Diameter of each of the posts is 48.3mm with a thickness of steel of 3.2mm

Each of these scaffolding tubes has been designed to be compatible with our range of scaffolding clips and boards as well as health and safety accessories such as debris netting. All of these items allow you to create a safe working environment for workers, whilst also protecting the general public against any potential injuries.

As well as the 5ft length, it is also possible to get scaffolding tubes in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 21ft lengths to allow scaffolding systems to be constructed for a range of applications and jobs.

Diameter 48.3mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Length 5ft
Weight 5.4 Kg

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