13ft Scaffolding Tube

13ft Scaffolding Tube

A vital component for the construction of a secure and safe scaffolding structure. These 13ft scaffolding tubes have been constructed from high-quality galvanized steel and are incredibly strong, weatherproof, and lightweight.

Each tube has been cut to a 13ft length with a thickness of steel of 3.2mm and an overall diameter of 48.3mm. In order to allow these tubes to keep their silver finish for longer, pre galvanized steel has been used. The zinc coating provides a protective layer to the steel which gives the metal increased resistance against rusting and weathering.

As well as being strong and robust, each of these tubes is also lightweight. This allows for easy transportation. It also makes the installation of the tubes into a scaffolding structure much easier, especially if they are being installed several levels up from the ground.

Our scaffolding tubes have been manufactured so that they can be used with our range of fixings, couplers, and scaffolding boards allowing you to create a strong and robust scaffolding system that will be able to support multiple workers and equipment. As well as couplers we also have health and safety accessories that can be used with the scaffolding such as debris netting and health and safety signage to protect both workers and the general public.

We supply these tubes in a range of lengths from 5ft through to 21ft, allowing you to create scaffolding for a range of locations and applications.

Diameter 48.3mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Length 13ft
Weight 14.04Kg

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