6ft Scaffolding Tube

6ft Scaffolding Tube

Strong, weather-proof, and lightweight, our 6ft scaffolding tubes are perfect components for creating a secure and resilient scaffolding system for a wide range of applications.

Each of the 6ft tubes is constructed from high quality galvanised steel. This galvanised finish gives the scaffolding tubes increased weather resistance, with the zinc coating forming a protective barrier against the effects of rusting and weathering. These tubes will also keep their silver finish for much longer than steel that has not been galvanised.

These tubes are very lightweight, which is ideal when moving and arranging to construct a scaffolding structure. They are also incredibly strong, allowing them to support the weight of staff and equipment.

The scaffolding tubes have a total dimension of 48.3mm with a 3.2mm steel thickness.

All of our scaffolding tubes are compatible with our range of scaffolding fixings and clips as well as the boards needed to create your scaffolding system. To create a safe working area for workers and the general public, safety products such as debris netting can also be used with the scaffolding products.

It is possible to order scaffolding tubes in a variety of other lengths; 5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 21ft. This allows you to create scaffolding structures for a wide range of jobs and applications.

Diameter 48.3mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Length 6ft
Weight 6.48 Kg

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