Scaffolding Netting

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Scaffolding Netting

Our range of Scaffold Sheeting aims to provide added protection and privacy to your system. The products within this range are also compatible with Temporary Fencing structures.

The purpose of our Debris Netting is to enhance privacy while simultaneously protecting pedestrians, staff and equipment from falling rubble and debris, greatly reducing the risk of injury or damage to passing vehicles or pedestrians, whilst still providing a degree of visibility for staff working on site.

As well as protecting pedestrians against falling debris, these nettings also provide some protection for workers against adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow.

  • Flame Retardant Debris Netting – Made from flame retardant material, this variety of netting helps to mitigate any potential fire hazards, protecting any staff, property and equipment on site.
  • Debris Netting – our standard Debris Netting not only enhances privacy, but also offers protection against wind, rain and other poor weather conditions. It is available in a wide range of colours which help to increase site visibility and help the area look more aesthetically pleasing.

Each roll of netting is 50m long and 2m wide, and so can cover large Temporary Fencing or Scaffolding structures. Despite their size, the rolls are lightweight and quick and easy to install.

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