Screw Base Jack and U Head

Jacks and Heads

Screw Base Jack and U Head

We all know what are the important purposes of Jacks and Heads. These tools are used for pulling heavy weight loads. In the construction area, workers often require the assistance of Jacks and Heads to pull heavy weight loads. However, a crane is allotted at the site, yet not every weight can be pulled by itself. At many small places inside the building workers and engineers need Jacks and Heads to pull the heavy load. Since we are the Jacks and Heads manufacturers, we are aware of their usage of them at the construction site.

Why choose steeled UK for Jacks and Heads?

Our Jacks and Heads are made from the best quality material that can handle the load of heavy items at the construction site. Neither does it affect the safety at the site since we test the quality of our products before delivering them to the customers. different sizes of Jacks and Heads are in stock.

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