4 Tonne/6 Tonne Base Jack

4 Tonne/6 Tonne Base Jack

Steeledge have been renowned manufacturers of scaffold base jacks for many years and supply several types, all made using a "roll threading" technique which doesn't cut material away and therefore maintains a high level of strength. Steeledge's Base Jacks are compatible with all system scaffolds.

4 Tonne "Eco" Base Jack

An original Steeledge innovation back in 1999, we recognised the need for an mid range load jack for smaller system scaffold structures and developed a jack with a 4 tonne safe working load,tested to 3 times that to ensure safety and confidence.

6 Tonne "Heavy Duty" Base Jack

The origical scaffold base jack with a 6 tonne load rating but tested to 3 times that to ensure safety and confidence. This heavy duty base jack is manufactured from high tensile steel and is fitted with a "Double Podger" collar.

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