Scaffold Stair Treads

Scaffold Stair Treads

Scaffolding Stair Treads for platform is fabricated and tested in UK and surrounding nations, supported for use by many significant project workers for coastal and seaward use they give a protected, secure and flexible technique for building a step unit from framework parts.

Fixed set up by an either Pressed Steel or Drop Forged Double Scaffold fitting, fabricated utilizing High-Grade Steel and plated for long life.

Where free is required an exceptional Steel Stair Tread is accessible which has twofold cylinders on the end for secure fitment and is powder covered yellow for moment recognizable proof, regularly provided at 1.3m length they can be fabricated to suit your task.

Our platform step tracks are utilized to make a flight of stairs inside a framework where a non-stepping stool arrangement is required. They are produced using electroplated steel and are silver in variety. They are fixed to the framework tubes utilizing twofold couplers.

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