Ladder Access Trapdoor

Ladder Access Trapdoor

Scaffolding Ladder Trap Door/Ladder Hatch

The Ladder Trap Door which supplied by Steeledge are designed to prevent falls from height via internal ladder access points within a Scaffold. Its can be sasily assembled by simply fitting the rear bracket over the toe board and quickly secured by tightening the fixed bolts the Ladder Trap Door is a unique, fast and innovation solution.

Prevent falls by installing the Scaffold Ladder Access Trap Door within your scaffold structure. It is produced with high quality steel the Scaffold Ladder Access Hatch Trap Door provides an easy to install trap door that helps to prevent falls through the ladder access helping you to remain Health & Safety Compliant. The Ladder Access Safety Hatch Trap Door is secured to the boards. It has an aluminium door to give strength and light weight

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