Rubbish Chute Top

Rubbish Chute Top

Rubbish chutes offer by SteelEdge UK provide a safe and easy way to remove any waste or excess materials from building or construction sites. 

Top hopper which is supplied by us is used to help direct rubbish into a connecting rubbish chute. This minimises any overspill of waste or debris. It will be fitted with a steel plate along with the opening which allows waste to be tipped from wheelbarrows without damaging the hopper. 
This top hopper is being produced from high quality polyethylene plastic and is putcomed as a one piece moulding. This material provides extremely tough and weather resistant products that are resilient from abrasion and maintain rigidity in all conditions. The slight tapering of the hoppers ensures a comfortable fit when assembled with chutes, keeping dust to a minimum.


  • High quality construction – ISO 9001 quality system
  • Stackable – saves space & easy transportation 
  • Compatible to fit most European chutes

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