Scaffolding Board - 10ft

Scaffolding Board - 10ft

Scaffolding boards are essential to construct your scaffolding as you will need them to create walkways and access areas for your workforce to work on safely. This item meets the BS 2482:2009 standard. Each has been manufactured from timber and has galvanized ends to stop the board from splitting.

The sizes in which we offer these products vary from 6ft, 8ft, and 13ft, this is to ensure we meet your requirements for your project or renovation. It's important to note that we also offer scaffolding tubes in a variety of sizes and couplers on the website so you can put these together to create all your scaffolding needs.

We suggest that the boards are kept in a suitable environment to preserve the product, otherwise the timber could be prone to expansion and contracting. Remember to wear gloves when carrying the items to be able to maneuver easily and prevent splinters. If you are required to cut the boards, please remember to use eye protection.

Board Width 225mm
Board Thickness 38mm
Material Timber
Length 10ft
Weight 15.3Kg

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